Was rooting through some emails for a thing and came across a back-and-forth I was having with a fellow cartoonist in 2009, about two months after starting the then titled ‘PUB’. It was a good reminder, for me, of where I’ve been and where I am. Take from it what you will.

… I started the pencils on a new project and couldn’t even finish the first page…feeling I wasn’t ready as an illustrator to do that kind of drawing. >.< Really frustrating. Which makes me want to step back a minute and try my hand at something more simple. Like more of a 4 panel kind of strip (the way PVP is set up, more or less). I wanted your opinion. Do you think that an idea like the one I described to you about my comic could work in a format like that, or do you think it belongs in more of a format like yours? I just don’t think much action could take place in a 4 panel, but it’d be easier for me at this point. I dunno, part of me wants to revisit the strip the way you did with Pub.


I hate feeling like I’m-not-ready.  I’ve been jumping from project to project because I’m-not-ready.  It’s a tough thing to decide, even now as I’m working on Pub I feel like I’m not totally ready, but I’m doing it anyway because I don’t want to be someone who can’t get past the intro.  Also, I’m pretty lazy.  I’ve been reading a lot of creator interviews and stuff lately and have come to the conclusion that most of “us” are lazy.  The difference is they are lazy and are still able to get stuff done.  I’m fighting very hard to join that club, but the first step is starting something.

I think the biggest problem I’ve seen/heard with people just starting out is that they want/need their first work to be magic.  But it’s not going to be.  More likely than not it’s going to be awful, but you need to let it be awful.  I mean, of the 17 strips I’ve posted so far of Pub, there’s maybe like, 2 or 3 that I kind’a like.  I mean geez my first real gag was a poop joke.  A poop joke.  But I’m letting them be what they are and am trying to improve every day.  That’s all someone can really expect of you.  So my advice to you is to just do it.  Do it and keep doing it.  If it’s bad then embrace the mistakes you made and do it better next time.  And if you don’t want to put it on the web, then don’t, you don’t have to.  Just do it and have fun doing it.  If you’re not then you’re either making the project too big of a deal or too involved.  Simple is a good place to start, making things more complex is something to do as you move along and improve, not right out of the gate.